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The Author

My name is Khaled Ali. I’m an experienced Digital Marketing Expert and Amateur Boxer. I’ve worked with many different organizations, managed online businesses and teams from different countries, which made me an expert in all the elements of Online Marketing.

I’m sure that you asking yourself; what makes a guy like me creating such this blog, and writing about martial arts !?
Simply, because fighting sports is not just a hobby for me, it’s something in my blood. I used to say:

“life is like a fight, you have to hit and try to avoid getting hit”

I’m a big fan of fighting sports since I was young. I always dreamed to have a sports-related profession, spent a lot of time of my life practicing different kinds of martial arts, and more time on the internet collecting information about them.

On the other side, I had to take care of my study and work, to gain revenue for the life needs. Athletes aren’t getting paid well in my country (Egypt), so I had to have another profession to can survive. I always hated that, as most of the time I wasn’t able to train hard as I wanted due to the lake of time. I found then that having a remotely based work is the only solution, to be able to save time for training and keeping myself up to date of the fighting sports trends.

After spending most of my time on the internet for my online work and researching purposes, I found myself ready to work remotely and use my online marketing experience, alongside with my knowledge of the fighting sports, to make my dream of creating a hub of the fighting sports become true.

I found after browsing thousands of blogs, that most of them are focused on one or few types of fighting sports, mostly (MMA & Boxing). But I always sought to hit a blog which I can find topics related to all types of martial arts in. So I decided to make it, using my knowledge of Sports and Online Marketing. To be a community and source for the fighting sports fans.



To be the most popular internet community and hub for the fighting sports fans.


You will find here and in the linked social media accounts, very excited content related to martial arts. I mean the real martial arts (Boxing, MMA, Judo, Sambo, Sanshou, Mai Thai, Wrestling, etc) not the TV shows (WWE!). We write about the fighters biographies, upcoming bouts, news, historical information, and interesting videos.

Briefly, If you’re a player, coach, or fan of any kind of the fighting sports, Fights Hub is the right place for you!
If you’ve any query related any type of martial arts, or a topic you want me to write about, don’t hesitate to Contact me, I will be more than happy to hear from you.