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Top 10 best MMA fighters of all time

#10 Conor McGregor Nationality: Irish Height: 1.75 m Weight: 70 kg Divisions: Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight Age: 29 years old Record: 21-3-0 (18 KOs -1 Submissions) Some of you don’t think that he should be in the Top 10 best MMA fighters of all time list, while others think that he should be on the top of it! Conor has excellent boxing and stand-up fighting skills, he is one of the best strikers in the world, There were big fighters I was thinking to add them to the list, but I added him instead…

What is Shootboxing?

Shootboxing is one of the stand-up martial arts, it’s like the mixed martial arts but without ground wrestling or submissions. It’s closer to the professional version of Sanda or Kickboxing, allowing Punches, elbows, kicks, knees, throws and the standing submissions. Shootboxing isn't one of the ancient martial arts like Kung Fu and Muay Thai, it's one of the modern styles. As it's founded by the former Japanese kickboxer Takeshi Caesar on Aug 1985. Some Shootboxing fighters have started their careers from the Shootboxing…

Top 10 K1 fighters of all time

After I published my 1st blog post of the top 10 kickboxers, using mathematical criteria to choose the fighters. I received many comments and messages from guys mentioning real great fighters that didn't include in my list. And Some of them were very angry about that! I knew and mentioned that in the 1st of my blog that no criteria will meet all the opinions or even my opinion! The great fighters selection will vary according to the criteria that we use to choose them. And the opinions will always be different on that. One…

Breaking news in boxing – Feb 2018

Every day in 2018 is motivating us to stay tuned to see more than what we expected. Every day attests new interesting announcements. Big fights we expected and more of what we didn’t expect will happen! So I collected here the breaking news in boxing that went viral currently. Vasyl Lomachenko vs Linares The p4p king Vasyl was very active on Twitter currently, attacking his upcoming opponent Linares. Sometimes by joking using a fun GIF of him applying a wrestling move! And mentioning Linares to say that he is waiting for him…

What is happening in the heavyweight boxing division in 2018?

What is happening in the heavyweight boxing division in 2018?A short answer is: “Entertaining!” The heavyweight division in 2018 reminds me of the fantastic four of boxing era. We’ve elite undefeated champions and challengers who can make surprises. It’s hard to predict the scenarios could happen, even if we just spoke about the heavyweight main fighters. Without considering that one of the cruiserweight fighters could move up his weight class to fight against these big men. I expect from a fighter like Usyk (13-0, 11 KOs)…

19 prospect 2018 boxing fights will make this year memorable

We were lucky in 2017 to see the best fights the best in many divisions, which encourages us to expect more in 2018. Many fighters celebrated the new year with an undefeated record. Indeed some of them showed what we never saw before, so expect to see most of them in the prospect 2018 boxing fights that most of the fans want to see. The sport of Boxing is extremely improving. every fighter is trying to overcome even himself. The good point is that they aren’t avoiding each other to hold their titles. Actually, they're…

Top 10 kickboxers of all time

We always ask; who is the best? Who are the best Boxers, Kickboxers, Mai Thai fighters, etc? Should be a person who we can say that he’s the best? And if so, how he looks like? as a result of that people by the human nature like the idea of one idol, they always trying to determine who is the best, but the fact is each group of people having their own idol, and they argue with others to prove that their idol is the best. The strange thing is if you listen to any group of them, they can convince you of their point of view!…
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