Since the Mayweather McGregor fight, many MMA fighters started to call out boxers for Boxing vs MMA Crossover. I call it the Mayweather McGregor contagion!

It’s known that MMA fighters don’t get paid as much as boxing fighters. A boxer can make in one bout more than what MMA fighter could in his entire career.

The UFC fighters got hungry after they saw Conor McGregor earning $100 million from a fantasy boxing fight against Mayweather.

I can’t blame them! It’s like a Lifetime financial freedom check!

Most of the UFC fighters want to feel the same feeling of McGregor in the Mayweather’s fight. When he knew that he is going to earn more than the money he earned in his entire career. Without even having to win, and without getting as much damage as he gets in a UFC fight.

This week we noticed two MMA fighters calling out two boxers, other than the trended Khabib Mayweather call out. Both of them are announced by TMZ sports magazine.

Nick Diaz vs Canelo Alvarez

“Let’s be real. Canelo moving up to my weight, you ain’t gonna win that fight” -Nick Diaz telling TMZ Sports.

Nick Diaz also is known for sparring with the p4p superstar Andre Ward, who was surprised by his boxing skills and said that many top-level boxers can be shocked by the Diaz brothers boxing skills.

TMZ went after that to Oscar De La Hoya (Canelo’s Promoter) to ask him if there is a possibility to make this fight happen. he didn’t say no clearly but I consider it No!

Oscar said that Canelo has a lot of top boxers on his plan to fight firstly because he wants to make history in boxing. Then they can talk about such a fight.

It’s known nowadays that Oscar De La Hoya is entering the MMA world. He directed his words to Nick Diaz in the same interview, saying that he wants to promote him and his brother in MMA.


Cody vs Pacquiao

In a recent interview with TMZ sports. Cody, the stand-up comedian Russell Peters, and the American actor Chuck Zito were expressing their opinions on the possible fight between Mayweather vs Khabib. During the interview, Cody went on to call out Pacquiao for a boxing fight (Instigated by Peters).


Both Pacquiao and Canelo don’t like this kind of fights. Pacquiao has got an offer before to fight McGregor but he didn’t take in consideration.

Canelo said in an interview commenting on Khabib Mayweather Boxing vs MMA crossover, that Mayweather is hurting boxing by making fights that don’t make sense, and asked him to make the second fight with him if he wants to return, to give a great fight to fans.

As a boxing fan, I agree with Canelo, and I don’t like these fights. It’s like a Diver challenging a Swimmer, both can swim, but there are miles between their skills.

It’s taking the fame from the real boxing bouts, and makes boxing looks like WWE! I’ll write about this in a different article.

If you have predictions about any upcoming Boxing vs MMA crossover, leave a comment below, we love to hear from you!