Every day in 2018 is motivating us to stay tuned to see more than what we expected. Every day attests new interesting announcements. Big fights we expected and more of what we didn’t expect will happen! So I collected here the breaking news in boxing that went viral currently.

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Linares

The p4p king Vasyl was very active on Twitter currently, attacking his upcoming opponent Linares. Sometimes by joking using a fun GIF of him applying a wrestling move! And mentioning Linares to say that he is waiting for him to sign the contract. Or he will go to take a UFC belt during this time. Breaking news in boxing - Feb 2018 | Vasyl Lomachenko vs LinaresBreaking news in boxing - Feb 2018 | Vasyl Lomachenko vs Linares Also, he showed disrespect to Linares by saying that he’ll change his Twitter name from #Thekinglinares to #Thelinares. As he won’t be a king after the fight! Breaking news in boxing - Feb 2018 | Vasyl Lomachenko vs Linares Linares replied on Lomachenko as well, mentioning that he will let him know who is the king of the kings in the fight.Breaking news in boxing - Feb 2018 | Vasyl Lomachenko vs Linares For sure, these Tweets war is interesting for the fans. But it’s talking, and talking is cheap! The good part is that we’ll see those 2 great fighters against each other this year, and see what will be really counted more than Tweets. Linares recently had a successful title defense against Mercito Gesta. Lomachenko as well mentioned that 2017 was a good year for him, but there will be more in 2018. And he’ll be adding some belts to his resume!

Canelo vs GGG 2

Finally, the bout has been scheduled for May 5, 2018. Both fighters are confirming that no need for the referees in this fight. I can’t wait to see this war, it will be something like Hagler Hernez’s bout.We’ve watched the announcement of the fight by The Rock on the HBO youtube channel. He predicting that it will be another draw. I like both fighters 50/50. However, I feel that Canelo will have the upper hand this time! Relax, it’s just a feeling. If you don’t think so, share with me your thoughts in a comment.

Thurman vs Erroll Spense

Unfortunately, the fight won’t happen in 2018. Thurman mentioned in an interview that he will back from the injury in 2018. The fight between him and Spense will happen, but not that soon, as this year will be a get back year for him. He mentioned that he just became a unified champion. Spense just became a champion with only 1 title defense. So, he should defend his unification, Errol should defend his title as well this year, then they can make the fight happen later.

Amir Khan

The fastest hands speed is back. We haven’t seen Amir fighting anyone in 2017 except his wife on social media! he will fight Phil Lo Greco (the previous victim of Errol Spense). I agree that amir needs such an easy come back, to build his confidence again after the tremendous loss to Canelo. But, I’m looking forward to seeing him against another real opponent this year. Phil made Khan angry by using his well-publicized family issue to make fun of him. Khan said that he’ll use that as a motive to train hard, avoid making mistakes to beat him in a special way.

Manny Pacquiao

After nine months of losing to Jeff Horn. Boxing promoter Bob Arum has mentioned that he is trying to make Pacquiao sign for a fight on Apr 21. On the same potential card of Jeff Horn, who will be defending his welterweight title against Terence Crawford. The opponent didn’t announce yet, but Arm told the newspaper that he is working on that.

Floyd Mayweather in MMA

Floyd Money Mayweather has published a video promising his fans that he will step into the Octagon in 2018 for an MMA fight. I kept telling my friends since his fight against McGregor, that they can duplicate their profit by making a rematch in a UFC based fight. They may have been agreed on that while making the deal of the 1st fight. Imagine that they announced that Floyd decided to give Mcgregor a fair chance to fight him under his rules this time! It will go crazy. But, if that happens, Floyd will have to lose to McGregor this time, and Floyd doesn’t like losing. Anyway, Floyd’s MMA opponent didn’t announce yet, but I feel that it’ll be against Mcgregor.

Tyson Fury

1st of all “Let’s go Champ”. This is how Tyson fury started his video calling out Shannon Briggs for a fight. Not his comeback fight as he clarified later, but he sent him a contract anyway to fight him after his comeback fight against Antonio Tarver. Fury has mentioned earlier that he’ll have 3 bouts during 2018, and now we know the 1st 2 fights. It looks like he is heating up by fighting those old men, to fight the main heavyweight division headline at the end of the year. After all the top 4 heavyweight fighters fight each other and show the best of them, to be the man who fought the man who has beaten the man! Hope you feel excited as me by this news, and please share with me your thoughts in the comments. Let’s go Champs!