What is happening in the heavyweight boxing division in 2018? A short answer is: “Entertaining!”

The heavyweight division in 2018 reminds me of the fantastic four of boxing era. We’ve elite undefeated champions and challengers who can make surprises.

It’s hard to predict the scenarios could happen, even if we just spoke about the heavyweight main fighters. Without considering that one of the cruiserweight fighters could move up his weight class to fight against these big men.

I expect from a fighter like Usyk (13-0, 11 KOs) to clean up the cruiserweight then move up to the heavyweight. I know that he’s not as big as them, but not too small also, and his fighting style will be a real problem for them.

Anyway, some bouts have already scheduled, some are close to being, and I’ll share with you my thoughts accordingly.

Let’s heat up by thinking about the following question. Are you from the majority who are thinking that Joshua will smash Parker, and Wilder will beat Ortiz then fight each other? Wait a moment.

Is that the only scenario could happen? is it the best?

It’s not even the likely in my opinion. Imagine if the opposite happens, Parker or Ortiz wins, maybe both of them! It will be legendary, especially that Ortiz and Parker are very skillful undefeated boxers who shouldn’t be underrated. And trust me, anything could happen in boxing!

In the following, I’ll go through the predictions related to the top 8 boxers who are leading the heavyweight division. Including the champions and their challengers.

1- Joshua (20-0, 20 KOs)

He is the cash-cow, so everyone wants him. However, he is the easiest one to predict his plan. Joshua plans to make 3 bouts in 2018, one of them will take place against Parker on Mar 31. If Joshua wins, another belt will be added to his portfolio and his bargaining side of his next expected fight against Wilder.

I expect that the 3rd fight for Joshua will be either against Big Baby Miller or a rematch with Whyte.

2- Wilder (39-0, 38 KOs)

Wilder showed a high confidence and champion behavior by giving a 2nd chance to Ortiz, who should have fought with before on Nov 4, 2017. But Ortiz failed the pre-fight drugs test. Wilder said to Ortiz in a press conference to announce their fight reschedule:

“Don’t f*** it up! Stay clean, because we’ll be checking. Stay clean. Don’t f***this up for me, nor you, because I’m gonna prove to the world that I am the best.”

Obviously, this fight will give him good bargaining power in his 2nd expected fight negotiations against Joshua. Of course, if he wins! especially that Wilder insist to split 50/50 with Joshua to make the fight happens.

Wilder may have a 3rd fight later in 2018. Either against Fury who is always mentioning his name, if he came back. Or against Breazeale (Joshua’s previous victim), who he doesn’t like and had a quarrel with before, raised up to the court!

3- Ortiz (28-0, 24 KOs, 2 NC)

The fight between him and Wilder will take place on Mar 3. The winner will fight the winner between Joshua vs Joseph. Despite that Wilder has the upper hand in the majority’s opinions, King Kong also shouldn’t be underrated. He is undefeated, has an outstanding fighting style, and knocked out most of the fighters he stepped into the ring with. So the fight will be a real test for both fighters.

As we mentioned; anything can happen in boxing. So we have to consider the scenario if Ortiz wins, he will be fighting the winner between Joshua and Parker.

Another fight for Ortiz may take place against the other PEDs cheater Povetkin. We heard talking about this fight before, simultaneously when both fighters failed the pre-fight drugs test against Wilder. So we may see both fighters fighting in a PEDs free fight. The fight could be overseas in Russia.

4- Parker (24-0, 18 KOs)

Many were saying that he was between selling his belt to either Joshua or Wilder. And for sure he’ll gain more money by choosing Joshua, but is losing from Joshua the only scenario could happen? we’ll see!

I think his next fight anyway will be against either Wilder or Ortiz, if he won, he will fight the winner and the vice versa. Then Parker may have another 3rd fight against Povetkin.

5- Povetkin (33-1, 23 KOs)

He should have fought Wilder on May 21, 2016, but he failed as well in the pre-fight drugs test. His upcoming fight will be against David Price (22-3, 18 KOs, 1 NC) possibly on Mar 31, Joshua vs Parker’s undercard. It would be an easy comeback for Povetkin. His 2nd fight maybe as we mentioned against Ortiz or Parker, but closely will be Ortiz.

6- Whyte (22-1, 16 KOs) & Miller (20-0-1, 18 KOs)

I mentioned those 2 fighters together as they’re the main challengers for the above fighters. Obviously, they’ll fight each other to unify the main challenger for the champions. If Whyte wins, it’ll be a good chance for a rematch with Joshua, and if Miller wins, he’ll have the same chance to challenge Joshua on his titles.

7- Fury (24-0, 17 KOs, 1 NC)

How can we talk about the heavyweight division in 2018 without mentioning Tyson Fury !?

Fury promised to come back and make 3 fights in 2018. I can’t wait to see him fighting again in his new shape.

We have seen Shannon Briggs talking about a comeback fight between him and Fury. Yes, “Let’s go champ”, he is daily publishing photoshopped photos making a fun of Fury.

Shannon also published a video confirming that the fight will take place and he’ll knock Fury out in the 1st round. Obviously, Fury needs such an easy comeback before calling out his main target “Wilder”.

Again, the above thoughts are my own prediction, according to the news I’m listening and reading. If you have different or more predictions, please share it with us in a comment.