We were lucky in 2017 to see the best fights the best in many divisions, which encourages us to expect more in 2018. Many fighters celebrated the new year with an undefeated record. Indeed some of them showed what we never saw before, so expect to see most of them in the prospect 2018 boxing fights that most of the fans want to see. The sport of Boxing is extremely improving. every fighter is trying to overcome even himself. The good point is that they aren’t avoiding each other to hold their titles. Actually, they’re calling each other to fight and bring the best of themselves to the fans. If most of these fights happen, we would be lucky enough to witness a great era of boxing. I’ll name it then “The High Tech Boxing Era”. N.B. I choose these fights based on my personal opinion, and I would be happy to see them as a fan of this sport. let’s start straight! The heavyweight division this year reminds me of the fantastic 4 of boxing era. 5 fighters have brought us the action every time they stepped into the ring. regardless the scenarios that could happen, these are the fights that I would like to see in 2018.

Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder

We know that Jousha is close to fighting Joseph Parker and wilder to fighting Luis Ortiz. I’m not assuming like many that both of them will definitely win then fight each other! but I want this fight to happen anyway. Both fighters are undefeated, KO machines, and both have defeated others top-ranking heavyweights. I’m sure it would be one of the legendary heavyweight fights like Ali vs Frazier. There was a negotiation to make the fight happens. The only reason that obstructing it, is that Wilder insist to get a split 50/50 with Joshua, while the current demand is 65% Joshua and 35% Wilder.

Joshua/Wilder vs Tyson Fury

I can’t wait to see Fury fighting again. Love or hate him for his weird conversations and actions, but defiantly his style is very entertaining. Fury proved that he is more than a trash talker by defeating Klitschko. As we know, Fury is talking much, sometimes about Joshua, sometimes Wilder and that he can knock them out. Sooner or later Joshua vs Wilder’s fight will happen, and boxing fans then won’t be able to wait to see the winner fighting Fury. It would be the only step left for him to be the heavyweight legend who will still for many years.

Usyk vs Mairis Briedis

It’s already scheduled and will take place next on January 27, 2018. Usyk is holding the WBO title and Maris is holding the WBC title. The winner will take both belts, plus that fight is the WBSS: Cruiserweight semi-final. Again a fight between 2 undefeated fighters, 2 KO artists. Despite that Usyk have a record of just 13 fights, we all noticed the impressive performance that he showed. it’s rare to see such a Matrix-style in this division, he looks like a bigger version of Vasyl Lomachenko. Usyk also trains with Vasyl’s father Lomachenko Sr. who become one of the current best boxing coaches. Defiantly Maris will be a real test for Usyk if he succeeds to break Usyk’s defense and land his ferocious punches. Plus he has the advantage of the hometown, as the fight will take place in Latvia.

Chris Eubank Jr. vs George Groves

The fight will take place on Feb 17, 2018. Eubank holds the IBO title and Groves holds the WBA (Super) Title. The winner will take both belts, Plus that fight is WBSS: super-middleweight semi-final. If you’re familiar with the style of both fighters, you would be sure that the fight will be entertaining. Both fighters have shown impressive performance before in big bouts like Eubank vs Abraham, and the 2 wars between George vs Froch. The super middleweight division really needs such this fight to bring the action back to it after Andre ward’s retiring.

Gilberto Ramírez vs Groves/Eubank

One of the best-undefeated fighters is Rameriz, he has the best current super middleweight record with 36 wins and 24 KOs out of them. I think fans will like to see the winner between Eubank and Groves fighting Rameriz to unify the best super middleweight fighter. When an undefeated fighter fights, people watch to see either he deserves to be undefeated or he hasn’t tested before against real fighters. Rameriz also has a scheduled fight on Feb 3, 2018, against Habib Ahmed (Number 8 WBO ranking) defending the WBO super middleweight title.

Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez 2

One of the most awaited prospect 2018 boxing fights if not the most. The majority weren’t satisfied with the result of the 1st one. I won’t dig deep into analyzing it, Many have done that already. I’ll just say: it was a close fight. So let’s focus on the positive point that we’ll see those great fighters fighting again to unify the middleweight champion.

Jermell Charlo vs Erislandy Lara

Erislandy has ranked as the best light middleweight boxer of 2017 by BoxRec and The Ring magazine holding the WBA super champion title. Jermell also (The identical twin of Jermall!) has ranked number 2 by the same organizations holding the WBC title with an undefeated record of 30 wins and 15 KOs. So it would be a good fight between the top 2 ranking boxers to unify the light middleweight champion.

Jermall Charlo vs Jarrett Hurd

In my opinion, this will be the best of the prospect 2018 boxing fights in the middleweight division. Ask me why? my answer will be that I always like to see 2 undefeated fighters fighting. Each of them will do more than what he can to keep his record with 0 lose. Those fighters as well were 2 of the most talented boxers of 2017, both have amazing fighting style with KO ability.

Keith Thurman vs Errol Spence

You may have seen many fighters with fake undefeated records of fights against nobodies. But those 2 fighters proved themselves between the elite fighters. Keith Thurman did that by defeating a superstar like Danny García, Errol Spence by knocking out one of the best welterweight fighters in our era “Kell Brook”. Thurman is ranking number 1 by TBRB and The Ring Magazine, Spence is ranking number 2 by the same organizations. Both fighters are among the top 10 P4P boxers of 2017, indeed they were within any top 10 best list of 2017, both are undefeated, KO artists. so if it happens we will see a kind of the WaW fights which “The best fights the Best”.

Joshua Kelly vs Horn

Josh Kelly! Yes Yes I know he just has a record of 5 fights till now. However, watch them and you’ll change your mind. Despite he fought against obscure boxers, but we all impressed by his amazing style. He was chosen by many as one of the most talented boxers of 2017 and as a prospect champion this year. So I’m expecting to see him fighting for a title during 2018, and I think it would be a great fight between him and Horn. Obviously, Horn is an undefeated superstar especially after defeating The Pacman. The opinions were different about the score but anyway it was a great fight.

Terence Crawford vs Sergey Lipinets

Lipinets has a scheduled fight with the P4P superstar Mikey Garcia on Feb 10, 2018, defending the light middleweight title. It won’t be an easy fight for him, but till now Lipinest has an undefeated record with 13 wins and 10 KOs. Terence is regarded by many as 1 of the top 5 Boxers of 2017, and he is one of the perfect fighters in my opinion. His impressive fighting style including the accuracy, hands speed and the punching power makes him 1 of the prospects P4P heroes of our era. Terence is holding the WBC and The Ring titles, the WBA & WBO titles are vacant. So if Lipinets succeed to keep his belt after fighting Garcia, they can play on all the light Welterweight belts and unify the division champion.

Mikey Garcia vs Vasyl Lomachenko

The fight that all fans are waiting for! Garcia is holding the WBC Lightweight title. If he won his upcoming fight against Lipinets, he will be the Light welterweight IBF champion as well. Lomachenko who has been the best P4P boxer of 2017 is holding the WBO Super featherweight title. He looked like a fighter from the future by showing what we’ve never seen before in boxing. When it comes to the Matrix style, he is the 1st name comes to your mind. I’ve never seen such a footwork or movement, He pushes and stays in range while fighting anyone. He slips the punches with just 1 CM, makes the other fighter misses, then throws a combination of punches till disappoints him. Despite Vasyl’s small record, he showed so much with it. He stopped many top ranking boxers, either from the referees’ sides or from their corners between the rounds after being in a one-sided fight. The last one was Rigondeaux, that fighter who fans expected him to be the real competitor to Lomachencho, but he ended the day by being just a number on his list. By fighting such a fighter like Garcia with his outstanding record of 37 wins and 30 KOs, he will prove himself as P4P king of our era. If he won!

Jorge Linares vs Robert Easter Jr.

Jorge Linares is ranking number 2 by BoxRec and TBRB holding the WBA and The Ring lightweight titles. He has a scheduled fight on Jan 27, 2018, defending them against Mercito Gesta. Robert is ranking number 1 by the BoxRec holding the IBF title of the same division. He has a scheduled fight as well on Jan 20, 2018, defending his title against Javier Fortuna. Both fighters have an impressive fighting style. Robert was one of the most talented boxers of 2017, he has an undefeated record of 20 wins and 14 KOs. So it would be a good chance to unify the lightweight champion, noting that WBO title is vacant as well.

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Gervonta Davis

Lomachenko was calling many of the high-level fighters recently for a fight. Actually, he is rushing up his career to can achieve what makes him the best P4P boxer of our era. He almost 30 years old right now, he spent a lot of time in the amateur boxing to win 2 Olympic gold medals and be one of best amateur boxers ever. We’ve seen him mentioning Floyd Mayweather on Twitter asking him to stop hiding his fighter (The KO machine Davis!) Despite that Davis has an undefeated record of 19 wins and 18 KOs, and some called him the Mini Tyson! he and Floyd replied that they don’t have to rush like Vasyl. He is still young and he’ll fight any fighter in the suitable time, which shows that he’s not ready to fight Lomachenko yet. To be honest, it’s a smart thinking by them. They can wait and gain more money from a fight like this! 19 prospect 2018 boxing fights will make this year memorable | Fightshub

Gary Russell vs Oscar Valdez

Gary has regarded by many as the fastest active P4P boxer. he always shows outstanding performance, and just lost once to Lomachenko. Oscar has a scheduled fight on March 10, 2018, defending the WBO featherweight title against Scott Quigg. Russell is holding the WBC title of the same division and ranking number 2 featherweight boxer by The Ring Magazine. Oscar is ranking number 6 by The Ring Magazine, TBRB, and number 7 by the BoxRec with an undefeated record of 23 wins and 19 KOs. Definitely, his rank will be raised if he won his upcoming fight, then it would be interesting to see him fighting Russell.

Leo Santa Cruz vs Gary/Oscar

Leo is ranking number one featherweight boxer by all organizations. He is one of the fighters that you enjoy watching them. His hands’ speed is notable besides his brutal body punches. He could fight with Gary Russell directly on The featherweight vacant title. But if the previously mentioned fight happens, the winner will have nothing to do except fighting him to be the unified division king. This is the scenario that I would like to see!

Rey Vargas vs Guillermo Rigondeaux

After Lomachenko broken the undefeated record of the 2 times Olympic gold medalist Rigondeaux! Rigo’s fans would like to see him again fighting a top ranking boxer like Rey Vargas. Rigo still ranking number one Super bantamweight boxer by BoxRec and The Ring. Rey Vargas is ranking number 2 by TBRB and The ring, holding the WBC title with an undefeated record of 31 wins and 22 KOs.

Ryan Burnett vs Luis Nery

Ryan is one of the best current matrix-style fighters, and one of the top 10 best fighters of 2017 in my opinion. He is fighting like an artist, he holds the IBF and super WBA Bantamweight titles with an undefeated record of 18 wins and 9 KOs. Luis is holding the WBC title of the same division, he will be defending it and challenging on the ring title against Shinsuke Yamanaka on March 1, 2018. BTW, he has defeated Shinsuke before in 2017. Luis is ranking number one by BoxRec. If he defeated Shinsuke again who is ranking number one by TBRB, for sure he will be looking forward to being the unified champion. So we may see him fighting Rayan on the WBA and IBF titles.

Srisaket Sor vs Naoya Inoue

Srisaket was really underrated fighter before, despite his great record of 49 fights, 44 wins, and 40 KOs out of them. I was wondering how such a hard puncher who has knocked out 40 fighters to be unknown. His fighting style with his one punch KO ability always reminds me of Julian Jackson (the hardest puncher ever!). Anyway, he started to take his rightful position in 2017 by being one of the top 5 best fighters after destroying Roman Gonzales twice. Once by MD, and once by KO, which prevented him from breaking Rocky Marciano’s undefeated record with 49 consecutive wins. His 2nd fight with Ramon was the best fight of 2017 in my opinion. Sisaket is holding the WBC Super Flyweight title and he is ranking number 1 by BoxRec. Naoya is an undefeated boxer with 15 wins and 13 KOs record, which ranks him number one by TBRB and The Ring. He is holding the WBO title, so it would be a great fight between both 2 fighters to mark the best fighter in this division, who will hold those 2 titles.   Of Course, I’m not sure that all the above scenarios will happen during 2018. I just shared with you the fights that I would like to see as a boxing fan. Maybe we’ll notice better fights, unknown prospects or underrated fighters who could make a difference. So if you have a different opinion or another fight you would like to see, please share it with us in a comment, I would be more than happy to hear from you. N.B. I’ll be sharing any updates related to these fights in the comments, so you can subscribe to be up to date.