The ground rules of everything have been Inherited throughout history. The opposite of it is not always wrong, but just a few people realize that. Indeed, only these few people decide to break the norm, do things in a different way, and that’s what makes them unique. In Boxing and MMA, there are many great fighters throughout the history who are still remembered until now. But, few of them were very unique by showing the fans what they’ve never seen before. You feel while watching these unorthodox fighters, that they’re from a different level. Some of them were entertaining enough to attract even people who don’t know anything about boxing or MMA.

If you asking yourself what made these fighters unique? A short answer is: They fight differently than anyone else. They broke the ground rules of fighting that taught in every boxing or MMA gym. They took the risk of doing what most people thought it’s wrong.

Most of the top level fighters have common techniques, they’ve trained hard to be on the top. but I’m not speaking here about these normal fighters, who fight as the book says. I will talk here about the unorthodox fighters who come every decade out of nowhere and do things differently.

These unorthodox fighters always seemed to be unbeatable. because they hack the opponents’ minds and show them what they didn’t train to deal with. At least for some time, until someone takes the initiative to develop a technique that can deal with these fighters.


How did I discover the common secret behind these unorthodox fighters?

I spent years observing these unique unorthodox fighters in boxing, MMA, or kickboxing. In their professional and casual lives, while they’re fighting or even speaking, to know what makes them unique. These fighters have common characteristics related to mind flow state, confidence, and IQ. They really smarter than others, not just in the fights, but in their training, talks, or their choices. As they choose uncommon ways to be elite. They trusted in the power of being different!

I found that this technique has been taken by the most unique fighters in different eras. Despite that, people still not prefer to use it. And that’s why we call the few fighters who are using it “Unorthodox fighters”.

Before I start. Please be noted that you may have a different opinion, So, it’s good to know that I’m speaking in this article about my point of view. And I really spent years researching, asking experts, and even trying different techniques to know what’s more effective. I ended up using this technique by myself, and I really felt the difference.

This technique can be used in different martial arts, but I’ll focus here on Boxing and MMA. I’ll explain the technique Cons and pros, then I’ll break down the fighting style of the most common fighters who used this technique.


The Dominant side in front (Right-handed southpaw, or left-handed orthodox)

I want to start by asking a question; Is the hardest hit that makes the biggest impact, or the one that you don’t see it coming?

In most of the martial arts, especially boxing. People learn to stand with their dominant hand and leg behind, the southpaw fighter stands with his right hand in front and the vice versa. That’s one of the basic blocks of martial arts. The reason for that is to give the punches and kicks more power. Using the extra distance of keeping them back, as well as the advantage of rolling the waist and the hip. But the common secret found between the unorthodox fighters that we’ll talk about is that they used to fight with their dominant side in front. (The right-handed southpaw or the left-handed orthodox).

It’s valid in terms of giving the cross punches and the kicks more power to keep the dominant side in the back. But standing with it in front gives more advantages because your dominant hand and leg aren’t just the strongest, they’re the smartest. And when we put intelligence in front of power. Definitely, the intelligence wins, so we have to choose the smartest option. furthermore, you can develop power easier than intelligence.


Cons and pros

Some people say that if you started as a beginner by standing with your dominant hand in front, you’ll be in danger of becoming a one-handed fighter. As you’ll be focusing on using your stronger hand in jabbing and hooks, your weaker hand will be farther away, and it’s not likely to be thrown a lot.

From my experience in using this technique, you can easily get away from that by even the normal boxing training. Contrary, you’ll force your weaker hand to be stronger. It’ll be developed by time, and accordingly, you’ll have the power in your both hands, one by natural and the other by habituation!

Standing with your dominant side in the back allows you to generate more power to compensate for the boxing gloves cushioning effect. So, by doing the opposite, you may not have that “One Punch KO” power. However, you’re dominating the rest of the competition. Also, keep in mind that you just need 3.5 lbs of pressure on anyone’s jaw to knock him out?!

By standing with your dominant side in front, you’ll have better reflexes and footwork. Indeed, you’ll process the situations and react faster than your opponents. So, you’ll be able to smoothly reposition yourself to deal with any situation.
The jab is the most important punch in boxing, as it’s a sense of your power punch, a method to distract your opponent and break his guard. It helps you manage the distance as well by keeping your opponent always at the end of your range. Thus, it’s both an offensive and defensive tool simultaneously. By standing with your dominant hand in front, you’ll have the fastest, smartest and strongest jab.

The orthodox fighters are always stepping to the outside of the southpaw fighter’s right foot, to keep themselves out of the range of his left cross. Indeed, they’re moving toward your right hand, which is your strongest hand in our case (If you’re a right-handed southpaw). So, your right hook and jab will be unexpected threats to them.

The bonus of getting used to this technique is that your non-dominant hand will be developed as well. So your both hands will be threats to your opponent. You’ll have more TKO possibility, Even if you don’t have the one punch KO power. Look at Lomachenko’s record!


Vasyl Lomachenko

unorthodox fighters - right handed southpaw - Vasyl Lomachenko

Vasyl Lomachenko is not a real southpaw, he is an orthodox fighter standing as a southpaw. He mentioned in some interviews, that his father has shifted him since he was young to stand as a southpaw.

If you look at Lomachenko’s movements, you’ll see him gracefully uses his lead foot to step forward and back, and rotate his body while punching.

He also shifts his weight on his lead foot then pivots to slip or counter punch, and open new angles.

His stance helps him pivot the force by stepping in using his back leg while his dominant leg is solid on the ground and pulls away in off the dominant leg.

He smoothly rotates and repositions himself on his lead foot, to easily circle his opponent from side to side.

In another technique, Lomachenko steps to the outside of the opponent’s lead foot while jabbing to distract him. Then he rotates to end up positioning his front leg almost behind his opponent’s foot for a moment. Then he throws a powerful left hook while rotating his back leg.

One of his smart moves while Besieging his opponent in the corner or on the ropes. He lands on his dominant lead foot, then steps outside of the opponent’s foot and rotate to trap him by putting his lead foot behind the opponent’s foot. Then he moves again to the next side to open a new angle, while the opponent almost falls in the other direction, as a reaction to Vasyl’s staying behind him.

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