Terence Crawford

Unorthodox fighters - Terence Crawford

Photo credit: Megan Farmer / The World-Herald

At the beginning when I watched Crawford, I couldn’t determine whether he is a southpaw or orthodox fighter, he always switching stances. however, the southpaw stance is where he is strongest. I realized that he isn’t a southpaw by natural when I saw him signing autographs with his right hand. His right hand’s power exceeds his left even while he is leading with the right.

Crawford is a defensive genius, he always literally stands right in front of his opponents, but they can’t hit him. He slips the punches by just rotating his head, shoulder, or body 1 inch, while he is staying in range. So, he can easily counterpunch after making his opponent off balance.

His lead foot also helps him surprise his opponents with a direct left cross while they’re striking. He moves it a little bit to the outside of his opponent’s lead foot, to give himself a higher reach. Therefore his punch lands, and the opponent’s punch not.

Crawford also uses his lead right hand to paw it in front of the opponent’s face as a distraction. And when he finds the right timing, he throws a fast right jab to the opponent’s face, then move smoothly to the right side to stay away off the right crossAlso when the opponent tries to jab, he blocks it easily using his right hand while pawing and move to the right side. He even sometimes just paw with the right hand, and surprise the opponent with a direct left cross. He always makes the opponents guessing when he is going to throw the punch.

Crawford’s most effective tool is his lead right hook while striking or countering.

His best technique is the one that Mayweather Jr was using, and his high reach is helping him apply it. Crawford stands in front of his opponent. Positions his lead foot close to him, to make him feel that he is in range. Then he drops his hands down to encourage him to throw a punch. He leans his torso back, shifting his weight to his back foot, so his opponent misses the punch and becomes off balance. Then he counters with his lead hook (Sometimes he takes a half step back while doing this). After that, he shifts his weight again to his lead foot to throw a powerful cross or liver blow.

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