Manny Pacquiao

unorthodox fighters - Manny Pacquiao - right handed southpaw

I know that you’re wondering how come one of the most popular southpaws throughout the history to be a right-handed by natural. I didn’t believe that until I saw him signing autographs with his right hand. Then I watched his fights and training footage from a different perspective until I realized that his stance was his main strength point!
“So Fast and so Powerful” is a short description to his style. His punching power comes from his speed. If you wondering why Manny’s punches make big damage? while he doesn’t look that he put a lot of power in it? The answer is: it’s The way he moves his body!
To understand that look at his punching technique in a slow motion. Manny looks like dancing ballet while punching. Look how he moves his feet and shoulders while punching! He explodes his weight with very small steps and times his punches perfectly with that steps.

Manny compensates with this technique for his small range, so he cuts the distance and throws very powerful punches at the same time. He won’t be able to do it that fast except if he uses the most comfortable stance for him.

His stance also helps him recover fast after throwing a punch. He can recover and set up for another punch before even his opponent feels the pain of the 1st one. So that most of his opponents getting stuck not knowing what to do against the number of power punches he throws each round. The normal boxers throw between 700 to 800 punches in about, Manny once thrown about 1200 punch in one bout!
Another technique Manny uses to cut the distance, circle and rotate his opponent. He throws a right punch with his hand and his legs at the same time! he takes a jump step with his both legs while punching precisely at the same time. The right hand to the head or the body while taking the jump step to move to the right side.

The left-hand lead is the iconic punch for Pacquiao, he used it a lot against Oscar Delahoya. He moves his left shoulder to the right, like if he set up for a right lead hook, but what he is actually doing is turning his rear hand to a jabbing hand. This shoulder move is to get his left hand closer to his target. Then he moves out of the opponent’s lead foot. Sometimes he even follows up with one more of the same punch to cut more distance and cause more impact.

The one one two technique also is one of the most used by Pacquiao. He throws double flicker jabs then follows with a left cross. He takes a small step in each punch to the outside of the opponent’s lead foot, and he puts all his weight on his lead right leg while showing the cross.

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