Naseem Hamed

Prince Naseem Hameed - unorthodox fighters - right handed southpaw

Prince Naseem Hamed was one of the most unorthodox fighters throughout the history. he was a right-handed fighter who stands as a southpaw, and it’s obvious from his killing lead right-hand punches.

His stance as a southpaw with his dominant hand in front made him very relaxed, and that was the key to his punching power. Because he was relaxed while fighting, he was able to move his mass so fast into a punch.

Hamed was one of the most boxers who had a muscular compatibility. Literally, he was able to move all his body while punching. He was putting all his body weight into the punch. Thence, He retired from boxing because he damaged his hand with his punching power.

Naseem was one of the Matrix Boxers, who rely on their reflexes, upper body, head movements to slip the punches and let the opponents punch the air. His stance helped him switches his body weight fast between his lead and back legs to counter punch.

The lead right uppercut was Hamed’s iconic punch, especially the corkscrew uppercut. He was throwing the most brutal lead uppercut I’ve ever seen. He almost jumps to cut the distance, put his weight on his lead foot, roll his waist to the left side while throwing the uppercut to generate more power. Actually, it’s risky to lead with an uppercut, but Hamed was too fast to be caught.

Like most of the right-handed southpaw boxers, Hamed’s right lead hook was so powerful. He used the same technique mentioned above of the lead right uppercuts.

Hameed was throwing jabs like no one else, he used to move his shoulders to the right and left and in circles to distract his opponent. He makes him guess when he is going to throw the punch, then he jumps with a right jab direct to the jaw. Again it’s also a risky technique but Nassem was doing it so fast, also he used to bends down after doing that to avoid getting a counter hit.

Hamed was one of the best boxers who able to throw a powerful right-left combo. He puts all his body weight on his lead foot while throwing the right. Then he shifts his body weight to the back foot and rolls his body while throwing the left, causing a huge damage to his opponent.

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