Anderson Silva

Unorthodox fighters - Anderson Silva

The spider Silva is one of the greatest p4p MMA fighters ever. He makes fighting looks very easy! I’ve mentioned that in my previous article “The top 10 best MMA fighters of all time“. Whenever I watch him, I feel that he is dancing, you even can play music while watching his fights. I didn’t surprise after I realized that Silva was actually practicing ballet when he was young.

Like many of the MMA fighters, he is a right hand dominant, standing as a southpaw, same as Bruce Lee. These fighters believe that this stance is more effective because the dominant lead hand granted more precision in the jab. Especially that the cushioning effect of the MMA gloves is much less than the boxing gloves.

The important reason why these fighters and Bruce Lee preferred this stance is that they could lead with their dominant leg. Making it much easier to kick with and allow them to have better reflexes as we mentioned before.

In Anderson’s case, it helped him with more. As Anderson was a master in managing the distance, this stance helped him a lot to keep the required distance between him and his opponents. By talking a half steps back while slipping the punches with his upper body. And with his wide reach, he was easily able to hit and not getting hit.

Anderson was able to move that way, reposition himself, and manage the distance because he was relaxed and balanced in his stance. It gave him better reflexes when slipping punches and kicks with his head and shoulder movements.

As a right-hand dominant standing with it in front, his right jab was a dangerous weapon. I’ve never seen a jab KO like the one he did against Forrest Griffin even in Boxing. Look how he took 2 small steps back very smoothly to slip the 2 punches that Griffin thrown, and stayed in the range in the same time. Then he countered with this killing jab with his lead right hand!

His legendary elbow knockout against Tony Fryklund, do you think he’d have been able to do it if he stands with his left hand and leg in front?!

He was able to put that power in this elbow, because of his right leg position between his opponent’s legs. He put his body weight on this leg, then fired all this body weight in the elbow straight up to Fryklund’s face between his guard.

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