#8 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Top 10 best MMA fighters of all time | Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Photo credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Nationality: Brazilian
Height: 1.91 m
Weight: 109 kg
Divisions: Heavyweight
Age: 41 years old
Record: 34-10-1 (3 KOs – 21 Submissions)

If you faced a hard fast puncher, a powerful kicker, or both, you still can survive. Only if you have such Jiu-Jitsu skills like Nogueira. Because even the best kickers and punchers have nothing to do while clenching with such a fighter like him. That’s what I’ve learned from his career.

It doesn’t matter the type of fighter you put against him, he always finds a way to win. If he could clench and catch any part of you, definitely, you gonna surrender. It’s obvious from his record and his cauliflower ears! he made 21 fighters surrendered. His victories including big names like Mirko Cro Cop, Josh Barnett, Overeem, Dan Henderson, and Randy Couture.