Top 10 kickboxers of all time by fights hub | For fight sports fans

#10 Buakaw Banchamek

Nationality: Thai
Height: 1.74 m
Weight: 69.5 kg
Divisions: Lightweight, Featherweight, and Welterweight
Age: 35 years old
Record: 229-23-12 (68 KOs)
Years active: 1990 – Present

Personally, I’m shocked when I found him number 10 on my list, but I speak now about Buakaw as a kickboxer, if I speak about him as a Mai Thai fighter, defiantly his rank would be different. Indeed this rank is due to the big number of fights he fought, as he has the highest number of fights and wins out of them.

I’m sure if the rest of the top 10 fighters played a similar number of fights, he would have been between the top 3, and I’m sure that his record of fights and wins won’t be broken easily.

Buakaw is originally a Mai Thai fighter, he started his career at the age of eight, his physical structure is very solid and shredded, which giving him unbelievable stamina, so he can easily get hit and contain the fighting.
His fighting style is very simple and aggressive, he always moving forward and pressing on his contenders which are the default of most of the Mai Thai fighters (I will write another blog about Mai Thai).

We can’t speak about Buakaw without mentioning his Deadly fast kick, if you see how easily he breaks a banana tree with his leg, you’ll know the meaning of deadly kick.

Kickboxing titles:

  • 2004, and 2006 K-1 World MAX Champion
  • 2005 K-1 World MAX Runner-Up
  • 2014 K-1 World MAX Championship Tournament Runner Up
  • 2015 Wu Lin Feng World Championship