Top 10 kickboxers of all time by fights hub | for fight sports fans

#5 Andy Souwer

Nationality: Dutch
Height: 1.76 m
Weight: 70 KG
Divisions: Welterweight
Age: 34
Record: 160-19-1 (98 KOs)
Years active: 1998 – Present

“The Destroyer” of the kickboxing, he has the 2nd highest number of fights & wins of my list, and the highest number of KOs. As he started to play kickboxing since he was 7 years old, and he had 3 different world titles when he was just 18 years old. I think it’s enough to mention that he has beaten 2 fighters from the top 10, as he fought 3 times with Buakaw, 3 with Masato and defeated each of them twice!

Souwer has great punching power and speed, “Souwer power” is one of his nicknames, he usually besieges his opponents in the corner, throw a lot of punches, and most of the times he finishes the fights this way.

Besides his professional kickboxing titles, Souwer is four times Shoot boxing world champion, he has 1 professional boxing fight and 3 MMA fights in his career, but he never mentioned that he will move to any of them completely.

Kickboxing titles:

  • It’s Showtime World Champion (70 kg)
  • W.M.T.A. World Super Welterweight Champion
  •  W.K.A. World Super Welterweight Champion
  • I.S.K.A. World Super Welterweight Champion
  • W.P.K.A. World Super Welterweight Champion
  • F.I.M.C. World Super Welterweight Champion
  • A.R.D.D.D. World Super Welterweight Champion
  • 2005, and 2007 K-1 World MAX Champion
  • 2006, and 2009 K-1 World MAX Runner-Up
  • 2012 its Showtime “- 70 kg” World Champion
  • 2014 W.F.C.A. World K-1 Junior Middleweight Champion