Top 10 kickboxers of all time by fights hub | for fight sports fans

#3 Rob Kaman

Nationality: Dutch
Height: 1.85 m
Weight: 82 KG
Divisions: Heavyweight, and light heavyweight
Age: 56 years old
Record: 97-12-1 (77 KOs)
Years active: 1978 – 1999

He is “The Dutch Man”, for who don’t know Kaman, we can say that he’s the godfather of the kickboxing Tweet!. He is the man who played in all different styles and defeated almost everybody in his era.

“Mr.Low kicks” is another nickname and description of the smart technique of his low kicks. Most of the kickboxers throw the low kicks to the front leg because it’s near and easy to target, but Kaman used to check which of the contender’s legs containing the center of gravity (Standing on it) in a certain moment and throw a strong kick to it directly to break his balance, then follows with a right hook to the head.

Kaman also was known as “Hammer kick”, as he always chooses the right timing and distance to throw a deadly left kick to the head directly, and if he did, the contender sleeps at the moment 😀

Kickboxing titles:

  • 1983 W.K.A. Full-Contact Middleweight World Champion
  • 1984 P.K.A. Full Contact European Champion
  • 1988, and 1989 W.K.A. Full Contact Light Heavyweight World Champion
  • 1992 W.K.A. Full Contact Super Light Heavyweight World Champion
  • 1992 I.S.K.A. Full Contact Super Middleweight World Champion
  • 1992 I.S.K.A. Oriental Rules Light Heavyweight World Champion
  • 1995 K-2 France Grand Prix ’95 Champion